Mom, dad, I am a sports family!

14 family teams gathered at the competition of the regional final of the All-Ukrainian festival "Mom, Dad, I am a sports family" in order to prove that they are the most athletic, the most agile, the most accurate.

An employee of the plant Fomenko Sergey turned to the director of Martirosian Erik with a request to represent the TARA plant at this event. Therefore, in the photo, our Melitopol family can be easily distinguished by the factory logo. It is very pleasant to realize that our company employs such employees who, even in their free time, think about promoting the plant and find time to participate in competitions. Such events give, first of all, a good mood. One has only to see how happy the children and their parents are, how happy and carefree they are.

As the chairman of the Zaporozhye regional center of physical health of the population "Sport for All" Oleg Rybchenko said, only last year, due to instability in the country, the ten-year tradition of holding the family-sports festival "Dad, Mom, I am a sports family" was interrupted. But this year the festival has resumed. In addition, these competitions are for the first time included in the general program of the regional sports day among the combined teams of cities and districts. According to the results of the regional final, the best family team will participate in the final of the all-Ukrainian festival "Dad, Mom, I - a Sports Family", which will be held on May 14-16 in Kiev and will be timed to coincide with the International Day of Europe.

As noted by O. Rybchenko, this year's competition program includes tasks that will be performed by family teams at the all-Ukrainian level. Therefore, the relay races were difficult and multi-stage. and older children.According to Oleg Vladimirovich, there is no lower age limit in these competitions - let the kids gain experience, but the upper one is 10 years old. This is required by the selection criteria at the all-Ukrainian stage. Family teams from Melitopol and Melitopol region Selishchevs, Khaustovs, Zhmetko, Fomenko, Binchevs, Bogachenok, Baturins, Kostik, Genovs, Khlepitko's teams from Berdyansk, Karpachevs from Primorsky district, Fyk from Tokmaksky district, Samarsky from Zaporozhye district and Sereda from Akimovsky district overcame obstacles, earned seconds and points, competed in skills and abilities in during the relay races "Hunt", "Diverse Athlete", "Slalom", "Yeralash" ". For their competition It was strictly monitored by the judges, recorded the results and passed them on to the counting commission.

Both adults and children got pleasure from joint participation in this event, running, excitement, victories and disappointments, communication and cool mood.