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Production of spare parts for agricultural machinery

TARA is proud of its product reliability, which prolongs the life of our customers' equipment and ensures its uninterrupted operation
Sightseeing tour of the plant
02 — Features
Features of production
The main focus of the company is product quality
Own design developments
High production speed and precision
Only an original modern instrument
High-tech equipment from the world's best manufacturers
Continuous modernization of the production process
03 — Identification
Identification of original TARA products
Each manufactured part contains a laser marking TM "Tara", which is a quality mark and a guarantee of its durability
Option 1
Option 2
Marking makes it easy to identify our products
When assembling all clutch discs, the steel rivets are branded with a brand name
04 — Packing
Branded individual packaging
Our packaging is attractive and eye-catching, capable of capturing the eyes of any customer at the first contact at the point of sale
The group box is used for convenient storage of products in a warehouse and transportation of products over long distances
The information content of our packaging will help to easily identify the products of TM TARA, avoiding the purchase of fakes
Individual packaging has an excellent appearance and allows you to identify products from other brands and manufacturers
05 — Protection
Corrosion protection
We use a preservative fluid from Houghton (USA) to protect products against corrosion, Houghton Rust-Veto 310 series.
After treatment with this liquid, a thin, oily protective film forms on the surface of the parts, providing long-term protection of the product surface from corrosion.
Innovative and sustainable liquid products that increase profitability and product quality
06 — Development engineering
Own developments of the plant
We launched T-150K reinforced shafts in order to improve the characteristics of our products
Increased length (h)
Increased teeth length (L)
Increased teeth module (m)
Increased diameter (D)
Increased diameter (d)
The mating surface of the teeth transmitting torque is increased by 20%
The service life of the master clutch shaft and the main shaft is increased by 50%
36 mm
38 mm
110 mm
113 mm
Reinforced shaft
Standard shaft
The difference between the standard and reinforced main shaft T-150K (tab 1.)
Attention! Reinforced shafts are mated only to each other and are installed in pairs
The difference between the master clutch shaft and reinforced master clutch shaft T-150K (tab 2.)
85 mm
93.5 mm
2.75 mm
2.5 mm
Teeth module
28 mm
26 mm
Teeth length
Reinforced shaft
Standard shaft
07 — Techniques
Forging technology
A new technology of forging on a horizontal forging machine has been developed and successfully used with the formation of not only cylindrical surfaces, but also upsetting of a tapered gear rim
Allows to significantly strengthen the teeth of the rim, improve the structure of the metal in highly loaded areas and minimize the allowance for further processing.
The time of machining is reduced by 2 times
Retained forged tooth structure, increased motor resource
Got the best quality at a great price
08 — Techniques
Manufacturing techniques
Manufacturing technology of semi-axles of the MTZ-80 rear axle differential by hot forging
The strength of the part has increased and the structure of the metal has been improved
A more expensive steel grade 35 ChGSA with better mechanical properties was used instead of the previously used steel 40 Сh
Semiaxle of rear axle differential are made of rolled Ø 80 mm instead of the previously used Ø 100 mm
Reduced the price of the part by saving the amount of metal
Scale of assurance coefficient
Steel 40 Ch
It was
Significantly increased safety margin
It became
Steel 35 ChGSA
Load on the samples is the same
Break point