Semiaxle of rear axle differential

Since March 2013, a new technology has been mastered for the manufacture of semi-axles of the differential rear axle MTZ-80 50-2407082-A-01 and 50-2407082-A by hot die forging, as a result of which the strength of the part is increased and the structure of the metal is improved.

This technology allows us to produce half-shafts from rolled steel Ø 80 mm, instead of the previously used rolled steel Ø 100 mm.

Due to metal savings, we not only reduced the price of these parts, but also used for their production more expensive steel grade 35 ChGSA with better mechanical properties instead of the previously used steel 40 Ch.

Weight: 36.8 kg

Catalogue number: 50-2407082-А

Length: 975 mm

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