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We invite you to become one of our employees if you are ready to show your own ambitions and are able to think in terms of results
We have assembled a real team of our employees
Excellent work
21 years
For 21 years we have been improving the quality and reliability of products. We strive to make impossible things possible so that people more and more choose us
Each of our employees knows that for 21 years of work there was not a single day of downtime of the enterprise
For 21 years of work, we have never delayed the shipment of products to customers
We have been producing spare parts for agricultural machinery for 21 years, making our products reliable
Many enterprises complicate production and management. We make complex processes simple and this is our difference. We demand from each employee only what can be done simply, which we ourselves figured out.

From the first day of an employee's work at the enterprise, we expect him to be involved in the processes of the team. We believe that happier and more involved people are healthier, more energetic, interact better with each other, which means they will achieve better results.

The accumulated experience, efficient business processes, highly qualified personnel are the most important components that ensure the success of the enterprise in the market for the production of spare parts for agricultural machinery.
We are proud of all of the above, and we are also proud of the fact that currently there are 216 people in our team
employees have been working in the company for over 15 years
dynasties and families
employees improved their qualifications
And the working conditions for employees have been raised to the world level. You yourself will see this by visiting our new production facility. Many new high-tech and high-precision equipment have been purchased. We need these changes to continuously increase production.
We increased our production and office space by 5 times in 2019
Our company is developing dynamically and we often update vacancies, thus you will have an advantage when opening a vacancy for the desired position.
Our owner and director Erik Martirosian from year to year becomes the best employer in the region.
Erik Martirosian was awarded the Order of Merit for the Zaporozhye Territory, III degree for his contribution to the development of industry in the Zaporozhye region in September 2019
Erik Martirosian
Buying high-quality spare parts of TM "TARA", the client provides himself with a guarantee of long-term, safe and comfortable operation of agricultural machinery
We make high-quality and reliable parts for agricultural machinery and our customers appreciate it. Every year we release more products, the income becomes higher, and along with the income, the salaries of those employees who contribute to the development of the company grow. By influencing the common cause, you will be able to earn more!